Norwich 2040 City Vision

What is the 2040 City Vision?

Identified by the think-tank Centre for Cities as one of the five ‘fast growth cities’ in England, Norwich is increasingly recognised for its strong economy, quality of life, and vibrancy. But, acknowledging that there are some parts of the city where inequality and poverty remain, in 2018 the Norwich 2040 City Vision was formed.

The Norwich 2040 City Vision represents a shared commitment between local businesses, voluntary sector organisations, our universities, and Norwich City Council to our city’s long-term success. Acknowledging the importance of a green and sustainable city to this success, the Norwich Climate Commission was formed.

The 2040 City Vision sets out 5 themes which form the foundation of it’s ambitions for Norwich.

A Liveable City

Norwich takes pride in being a place with a great local environment that people value. The City Vision has committed to enhancing this through creating quality, low-emission transport options, protecting and enhancing our green spaces, and developing an alternative approach to energy.

A Fair City

Norwich is already a place where many enjoy a great quality of life. By 2040, the health, wellbeing and life chances of all of our citizens will be improved. The Vision aims to remove barriers to achievement and ensure that a high standard of living is enjoyed by everyone.

A Connected City

At the heart of any good city is how well it connects with both its citizens, and the world at large. In 2040, Norwich will have a modern transport system, be at the forefront of digital connectivity and create opportunities for all residents to link with each other.

A Dynamic City

Norwich has two successful universities and thriving science, creative tech, leisure and retail sectors. In 2040, Norwich will be a place where entrepreneurs, social enterprises, national and global companies choose to provide good jobs, prosperity and success.

A Creative City

Norwich is a place where culture and creativity play an important part in how the city feels about itself and how others perceive it. In 2040, Norwich will be world-renowned for its creativity – a leader in innovation, culture, education and invention.

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